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Who we are 


Consultis is a financial service company offering a wide range of financial services. We specialize in serving SME and corporate customers, helping them to unleash their business potential and obtain outstanding financial advice. We are dedicated to share our vast experience in the field of finance with Georgian business community to help them reach their potential. 

Consultis was established in 2019 by a team of experienced financial experts in Georgia, with the aim of bringing the expertise accumulated in various tier one consulting and professional service companies to Georgian market. 


In Consultis we try to foster the qualities of out of box thinking, imaginativeness and enthusiasm in our people. We believe that individuals with drive to change and improve the environment for our clients, the ones who have enjoyed the efficiencies invented by the team and are restless in pursuing professional qualities and have audacity to challenge the existing paradigms, are those who are able to promote our forward  looking company. 

We work hard to equip our staff with most up to date professional knowledge and skills to service our clients. It is our imperative to make sure that our professional staff is constantly obtaining both technical and soft skills to cater to our clients’ needs.



We value people who have courage to face uneasy challenges and pride overcoming difficulties. Leadership qualities are of utmost importance to us in our people and we try to encourage such qualities 


Without proper ethical standing, no company is able to be successful. We believe in the most rigid approach towards ethics and constantly train our employees to have the right approach to business conduct to maintain standards of honesty

Professionalism & 

Knowledge is the cornerstone of our success. We believe that only the most up to date know how is able to help us achieve our business mission. 


Our Values

Our Leadership 

Vakhtang Namoradze

Founder & CEO

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After spending 18 years with top rated accounting firms, Vakhtang has established Consultis in 2019 to provide innovative professional solutions to local business

George Chaganava

Head of Consulting

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Before joining Consultis Giorgi has served number of industries as auditor and consultant for over 12 years. His area of expertise involves Cryptocurrency industry, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, construction and distribution industries 




At Consultis, we believe the key to success is taking the full charge of the responsibilities assumed and the zeal to exceed the expectations vested upon us. We believe that our key measure of success is of how much improvement and change we bring to the client, types of innovative solutions offered or expertise shared. We create values with smart and effective solutions offered and flexibility to accommodate our clients’ needs.  

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